How it Works

How it Works


Sign up your facility with Storage Galleria at, free of charge. We will email you periodically that we have uploaded new seasonal specials for your customers. Simply visit the Storage Galleria website and download the latest pdf. Then, print it out at your facility and hand out the flyers to all of your customers who come by the office to make a payment or rent a unit. You can even email the flyer to the customers to reach those who don’t come by the office. Your customers will appreciate the valuable savings and convenience that you have just provided to them. That’s all there is to it.

In-depth details

Storage Galleria provides a means for self storage owner/operators to "give back" to their tenants and to create an additional revenue opportunity. This is accomplished by providing current, prospective, and former tenants with products and services from local and national brands that tenants know, trust, and more importantly use, but at discounted prices.

Storage Galleria has formed partnerships with many National Service Providers that provide various products and services that tenants need and use in everyday life. Some of these offers might provide a unique solution for the very reason that they have encountered the life changing event which caused them to store with you in the first place.

Some of the products and services that Storage Galleria can provide are related to the following categories: TV/Internet/Phone, Home Security, Home Services, Gifting, Professional Referrals, Printing, Preparedness & Food and others. Our partnerships include products and services from reputable companies like 1800Flowers, ADT, AT&T, Comcast, Direct TV, Dish Network, Mrs. Fields Gifting, and many more.

Becoming a member of Storage Galleria is easy and there is no membership fee or dues. You just need to sign our agreement, provide a listing of all your facilities (along with some specific contact information), your logo and a designated main contact and we'll take it from there.

Once you have become a member of Storage Galleria and provided the required information, each self storage facility is issued a unique facility identifier and toll-free-number. These are used to provide tracking of purchases for the purpose of providing a financial benefit back to the Owner/Operator, Storage Galleria and the charity partners.

Storage Galleria will prepare and email to the facility various exclusive offers and discounts as part of an overall marketing campaign on a regular basis. These campaigns will be themed or timed to holidays, seasons or special events. Some campaigns will focus on a single or multiple category. Others might be sent to introduce a new National Service Provider product or solution. Or, some will be sent to share an exclusive offer from one of our National Service Providers. You can be assured that these will be quality offers at discounted prices.

Storage Galleria will customize the offers so that they include your brand/logo, facility address and phone number. These offers are in a digital format and can be easily printed at the facility for the purpose of handing out to all tenants who come by the office to make a payment or rent a unit. We also encourage you to email these offers to your current, prospective and former tenants or for inclusion in your organizations regular communications or newsletter to your tenants.

Regardless of the means to get the offer to the tenant, the tenant then goes to a National Service Provider’s website or calls the toll free number listed on the offer and is self-directed to one of our excellent and well trained agents in a call center who will help them order the product or service in which they are interested, based on the current campaigns.

Your tenants will get best-in-class, best-in-value, and best-in-service with exclusive offers from our National Service Providers. The tenant, in turn, gets an exceptional deal and thanks you, the owner/operator.

How can Storage Galleria offer a membership for free and provide a revenue share opportunity to the self storage owner/operator? Storage Galleria has agreements with the nation’s largest and most respected telecommunication, home services, gifting and professional referral companies and agents, by which the National Service Providers pay Storage Galleria a fee to offer their products and services. A portion of this fee is shared with the Owner/Operator and our partner charities.

Your customers will be glad that you have contacted them for reasons other than a late payment. You should also find that they will appreciate the valuable savings and convenience that you have just provided to them. If you have already joined with us, Thank You. If not, we encourage you to take advantage of this no cost opportunity. You have everything to gain. We look forward to serving you.

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