Introducing Storage Galleria.

Storage Galleria is a group of self storage industry leaders, that came together for the purpose of creating a better customer experience for self storage tenants.

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Storage Galleria helps you reach out to your tenants with timely communications, discounts, and offers on a regular basis.

  • Reach current, prospective and former tenants though Storage Galleria's developed communications (email, newsletter, flyers) and marketing solutions.
  • Offer them fresh, interesting, and useful products and services with significant discounts and/or exceptional values from national service providers they already know and trust.
  • Offers are timed to major events or holidays (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, or the Holiday season) or to the needs and timing of the tenant's use of self storage (i.e dis-location, downsizing, divorce or death).


Storage Galleria's program helps you retain your best tenants with our discounts and promotions.

  • Many self storage company's lose more tenants than they need to, simply because the have not focused on customer relationships. It is easier and less costly to keep a tenant than acquire a new one.
  • Retain your best tenants and protect your revenue base by teaming with Storage Galleria and offering your tenant's ongoing savings in the form of discounts and special offers that are the result of their relationship with your company.
  • Tenants get access to services and products from national brands at significant discounts or exceptional deals because of their relationship with you.


Storage Galleria's program helps you to provide referral opportunities to your tenants.

  • All offers are non-exclusive, thus tenants are able to share these offers with their family, friends and neighbors.


Storage Galleria provides a rewarding experience to your tenants as well as you.

  • Reward your tenants for their loyalty with discounts and savings on products and services they likely need as a result of using self storage or that are fun or interesting to them.
  • Your tenants are rewarded in the form of discounts or exceptional deals when they buy services and products from the national service providers.
  • You participate in giving back and rewarding both Kure-it Cancer Research and Charity Storage.
  • You are rewarded when the tenant buys from one of the national service providers in the form of a revenue share.